Social Engineering Training

Protect your organization from social engineering attacks by training your employees. Our animated and interactive social engineering training is approximately 15 minutes long and provides knowledge checks and completion metrics.

The greatest risk to your organization is your employees. We provide the most effective training solutions to combat one of the external threats to your organization... social engineering attacks. Our animated and interactive social engineering training provides the skills your employees need and the metric your leadership wants.


Interactive Training

Maximize your social engineering program with S3’s Social Engineering Training. Our training is built with continuous knowledge checks and real world social engineering attack scenarios to keep people on their toes. If your training program is not interesting it will not work. Our learning management system makes it easy to navigate through the course content.
Image of Social Engineering Training

Quizzes and Knowledge Checks

Our knowledge checks allow you to quickly and effectively assess how susceptible your employees are to social engineering attacks. Reinforcing best practices with a minimum score requirement to move on to the next modules.
Image of Quiz Question In Social Engineering Training

Course Modules

  • 1

    Social Engineering - Introduction

    • How to Navigate this Course
  • 2

    Understanding social engineering

    • Understanding social engineering
    • Knowledge Check - Understanding social engineering
  • 3

    Social engineering attacks

    • Social engineering attacks
    • Knowledge Check - Social engineering attacks
  • 4

    Defeating social engineering

    • Defeating social engineering
    • Knowledge Check - Defeating social engineering
  • 5

    End of Course Quiz

    • End of Course Quiz
    • Quiz - Social Engineering Course
  • 6

    Course Completion

    • Course Completion